The Importance of Nature in a Montessori-inspired home


” A child more than anyone is a spontaneous observer of nature” Dr. M. Montessori 

A nature walk is a perfect way to stimulate a child’s appreciation for the natural world. Go for a nature walk with your child/ren and ask them to tell you what they see, hear, smell, or feel. Studies have also shown that such a connection helps to ease stress and increase happiness. In our Montessori-inspired house, a nature walk happens once or twice a day. 

 Tips to help you enjoy Mother Nature with your Toddlers.

  1. keep it simple

Simplicity is the best. A simple activity is usually the most effective and engaging for Toddlers.

Importance of Nature in Montessori-Inspired Home
Hasedera temple in Kamakura

2. Interests Based

Do things that capture his/her attention. My children are not interested in a walk unless we are following the roaches down the gutter or counting bugs. My youngest has started mimicking birds’ sounds whenever we out in nature. chasing pigeons at the beach is my toddler’s favorite past time activity at the beach. 

3. Hiking scavenger hunt close to home

Make a list of items your child will be interested in finding. grab a daypack filled with a magnifying glass, binoculars, notebooks, a compass, and snacks, and go on a hike in your neighborhood. You’ll find nature, even in the sidewalk cracks, alleys, and parks. My family has a seasonal chart we use for our scavenger hunt based on the location at the time of the hike. With a simple and quick search, google is available to provide helpful information and things to see while you’re out and about in the city or on a trail. 

hiking scavenger hunt close to home

4. Tell Nature stories

Tell your child nature stories from your childhood like the time I was hiking potato chips mountain in San Diego and came across the biggest snake. One of the most rewarding hiking stories for me was when we hiked The Three Sisters Falls. The stunning view was worth all the sweat and challenges. 

5. Keep a journal

This is more for the older children but keeping a journal is the best way to keep track of your daily findings. We have a photo album where I keep our favorite photos for the boys to look through. 

By doing these activities with your child you are learning together and building a lifestyle they’ll not depart from. 


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