A Day in Our Life: Montessori-Inspired Routine

Wondering what a Montessori-inspired routine looks like for a toddler/infant? Everyone’s routine is a little different depending on the child’s interests and age, but I’ll share our routine with you so you can get some inspiration.

Here’s a our  Montessori-Inspired Routine:

Wake Up: Books in Bed

Getting straight out of bed is a struggle for some toddlers. We like to take it slow. So, we read a book or two before we get up and move around. One of Yannis’ favorite books right now (at 17 months) is “Peekaboo Morning”.

Then, we brush our teeth and get dressed for the day.

 Make Breakfast

Yannis loves helping in the kitchen. Every morning, we make a smoothie together. It’s healthy, yummy and easy for him to help with this breakfast.

Outdoor Play

As long as the weather’s nice, we try to spend some time outside every day. This is prime time for doing a sensory activity. usually, we play in the sandbox, work in our garden, or play with water/mud. Sometimes we go for a nature walk.

Beach Day- Sensory activity with the rocks - Montessori-inspired routine
Beach Day- Sensory activity with the rocks


By this point, Yannis is usually ready for lunch. We enjoy lunch together. At 17 months old, he has shown significant interest in practical life skills so I allow him to assist me in the kitchen a couple of times a week.

Observing Dad during a meal preparation - montessori-Inspired routine
Observing Dad during a meal preparation


Next, Yannis has a nap. During naptime, I focus on catching up on my daily chores, reading,  and scrolling through social media ( hehe, guilty pleasure)

Independent Snack Time

By the time he wakes up, Yannis is hungry again. He makes his snack independently, serving himself crackers or fruit, and getting his own drink.

Montessori-inspired routine: Play Time

Now, it’s free time for Yannis to play or work with the Montessori materials on his shelves. I change the materials regularly so that there’s always something new and exciting for Yannis to discover. So far, he’s worked through lots of stacking materials, musical instruments, object and picture matching, object permanence boxes, and more. One of our favorite Montessori toys Company is Montikids.

Riding a Balance bike indoor - Montessori-inspired routine
Riding a Balance bike indoor

Family Dinner

When Yannis’ Dad gets home, we all enjoy a family dinner together. This is the most important meal of the day for us together as a family.

 Bedtime Story

Bedtime is Dad time so that they get more time together. Dad reads Yannis a story or two before he goes to sleep.

 That’s our Montessori-inspired routine! As you can see, we begin and end the day with books. This is so important for helping Yannis develop his vocabulary and learn about the world! We love this time that we can share together.

Throughout the day, I also try to make sure that Yannis can do as much on his own as possible. That’s why we also keep child-sized furniture and stools available for him throughout the house.

As he grows, Yannis’ routine will also change. For example, soon he might start using the toilet by himself, or his nap might get shorter. We’ll adjust along the way.


What does your Montessori-inspired routine look like?


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