My name is Ahoefa, I’m the mother of two young children, a military spouse, and a biology majored turned stay at home educator. We are currently station on a U.S. military base in Japan and it has been amazing.  I was born and raised in west Africa, Togo. I love to cook, travel and beach days are my favorite ways to pass time.

Dr. Montessori has been a major influencer in our parenting journey  as first time parents and the impact has been very rewarding. I discovered Dr. Montessori when Yannis, my first son was born. unfortunately, Montessori was not common in our family or among our close friends so I started this website to inspire and empower those in my community. After two years of applying these principles, I realized it doesn’t have to  hard or expensive. it can be but it doesn’t have to be. Your Montessori Journey should be purposeful. I hope our lifestyle inspires you to follow Dr. Montessori principles.